About Sitaspasdamis

Delight in every bite

How we start

You’re creating recipes, improving your photography, learning SEO, and sharing your content on Pinterest.
When someone tells you they made your recipe and enjoyed it, there is no greater feeling.
Despite your best efforts, growing your food blog can be slow and it can sometimes feel like you just want to give up.

Our Journey

This blog is for everyone who loves to cook and everyone who doesn’t.
We love to cook, but we haven’t always done it. For most of my early adult life, cooking dinner usually meant microwaving a frozen meal or adding boiling water to something I had bought in a box. We only started eating real food after I got married. When we started cooking, we realized that it could be fun. It was fun to eat real food. Gaining confidence as a home chef? That was a life-changing experience!

How we grow our business

If I’m not sifting through cookbooks and websites to plan my next meal, I’m cooking it or I’m in a food coma enjoying our last meal, either at work or playing. I’m a freelance writer and editor and have written about everything from medical devices to market research, from health and wellness to scientific inventions, from cancer to training materials. I enjoy golfing, swing dancing, and traveling for fun. Every trip, I bring my taste buds along and often come home inspired to recreate the delicious foods and flavors I just experienced. I’ve traveled to more than 30 countries, I’m a former skydiver who has logged more than 700 jumps, and I routinely consume freezer-burned artifacts from the depths of my outdoor freezer.