How to get started with coding?

The first time you listen to someone speak about “code” or “programming” It can be pretty intimidating, especially in the event that you don’t know what it means.

Programming is typically thought of from an engineering/coding point of view.

This is a fairly common pattern. It is commonplace for people to talk about languages and how much they’ve learned instead of talking about the process. There’s nothing wrong with everyone fluently using a different language. But, it can be confusing for beginners in case they get overwhelmed by the details too early.

What’s the code?

Code is basically a list of instructions that are given to computers. These instructions are processed by an interpreter, or translator (the compiler), which gives it an order to follow in order to achieve something. The “something” could range from showing text on a screen or joining two numbers. Code is available only as text files , which can be utilized by other applications.

It’s code because the programming language which contains instructions could be hidden. It has to be understood by computers, but not to humans. There are many coding tutorials that can be written in another language. These tutorials are simply text that is human-readable, but they’re not really a thing until they are actually read or heard from the speakers.

When someone uses the word “code” don’t think about the math equation in a moment. You should think about running text files/commands instead!

If you’re familiar about Code and a good idea of how to tackle the existing code, this is a great way to start with it. You can make use of any of the tutorials for programming that are available, or conduct your own Google search to master an entirely new language. This will let you know how codes work and also let you have a taste for things before diving in more deeply!

Be aware that these programs are often simplified (which is acceptable since they’re “tutorials”) but they show you what the programs look like from the inside.

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If you’re just starting out then everything is going to be very new to you!

Here’s what some code from a basic Python tutorial is like:

print “Hello World!”

The first line is from the well-known “Hello World” program. It’s considered to be a standard for people who are new to programming, and can give you an idea about what code really is. It tells that computer to print out everything that follows the “:” character onscreen or wherever the text file was saved on your hard drive. It’s not how all programming languages work but it’s an ideal way to learn basic concepts.

The only way to learn to code is through practicing! The more you program, the more proficient you’ll become. This post was created for beginners just starting to learn programming.

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